What is zero-cost processing?

Zero-cost processing provides the option for merchants to utilize a specialized program and collect a higher price with credit card transactions. This offsets a majority of processing fees for the merchant by collecting an increase on every purchase when using a credit card. 

Traditional processing

Kibo offers traditional credit card processing as well.

  • The lowest processing rates
  • No term contract
  • Next day funding
  • 5-star customer service

Zero-cost processing

  • $100 in Sales = $100 in your bank account
  • Free, pre-programmed terminal
  • Next day funding
  • Merchant portal with robust reporting tools
  • No term contracts
  • Award winning customer support

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The future of payments is here with zero-cost credit card processing.

Keep 100% of your credit card sales. $50 in sales = $50 in your bank account

This is the future of merchant processing:

Small businesses are no longer willing to accept lower profit margins on credit card sales. The days of merchants paying for the rewards programs of their customers is coming to an end.

Kibo’s zero-cost credit card processing option allows your customers to pay the fee if they choose to pay with a credit card – OR they may use cash or a debit card and not incur the additional fee.

$50 sale

$1.75 fee

$51.75 total

The customer pays 3.5% - and will see a one-line item ($51.75) charge.